Rockies rumors: Charlie Blackmon offered in trades for starting pitching


Charlie Blackmon is the subject of trade rumors as the Colorado Rockies try to add starting pitching in advance of the 2015 season.

The unfortunate possibility sounds like it is closer to becoming reality.

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Our beloved Charlie Blackmon, the man, the beard, the man known as @Chuck_Nazty, might be playing for a different team next season.

According to a report from Jon Morosi and Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Blackmon is the subject of trade talks with multiple teams as the Rockies try to add a pitcher.

"As a result, sources say the Rockies have discussed outfielder Charlie Blackmon — an All-Star last year — in trade talks with multiple teams. Rockies officials believe they can trade Blackmon for a starting pitcher and replace Blackmon with a free-agent outfielder — in this case, using the Coors effect to their advantage.The Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles are among the teams known to be seeking an outfield bat, sources say."

The report notes that the Rangers had interest in Blackmon previously. As for the free agent they would potentially add, the name Colby Rasmus is suggested.

As for that note about Rasmus, I don’t totally track with that. Part of the Rockies’ motivation to trade Blackmon would be their glut of outfielders. After finally freeing up that situation, they would go sign an outfielder to recreate that problem? Granted, Michael Cuddyer‘s departure has mostly resolved the situation, but I’m still not on board with that just yet.

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Whether the Rockies pursue Rasmus might come down to how much they believe in Brandon Barnes as a guy who can play significant time again in 2015. That’s another conversation for another winter day.

What is unclear is what level of starting pitcher the Rockies could expect to add in a trade for Blackmon, especially if the Rockies have designs on finding somebody who can slot into the rotation for them next season. Eric Garcia McKinley suggests a pitcher such as Mike Minor as a potential match. If the Rockies find a deal for Minor or some equivalent pitcher, they should pull the trigger.

Trade rumors involving Charlie Blackmon are an exercise in mixed emotions. We all like to play GM; from that perspective, trading Blackmon when his value is at its peak feels like the right move. That feels like the kind of move where Jeff Bridich makes his money.

But we also love to be fans; as a fan, Blackmon has long been one of my favorite players and I don’t believe I’m alone in that regard. Watching him leave would be a bummer, plain and simple.

After his famous hot start, Blackmon slashed .288/.335/.440 last season. He is a career .290/.329/.758 in four seasons in the big leagues.

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