Should The Rockies Trade Charlie Blackmon?


Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Colorado Rockies have a lot of outfielders on their roster. Should they consider trading Charlie Blackmon?

The answer was going to be no.

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My first inclination, as it always is, was to think as a fan. So as I mulled a potential faux trade offer from the Tampa Bay Rays that would have involved sending outfielder Charlie Blackmon in exchange for a couple young pitchers, my gut instinct was to say no.

Charlie Blackmon is my guy. I have always had a soft spot for him, from the way he plays to his hilarious Twitter feed. I believe that we share an enthusiasm for quality facial hair and would be fast friends. So that part of me said no, hell no, not trading Charlie Blackmon.

Then I realized it was my job to act as I would as general manager, as the faux trade offer in question came as part of the FanSided Faux General Manager Winter Meetings. And in that context, trying to think with a certain measure of objectivity, I had to step back and admit it: the Rockies might want to trade Charlie Blackmon if given the opportunity.

Charlie Blackmon was an All-Star last season. People still remember that, and perhaps that memory still lingers in front offices during an off-season in which quality position players are hard to find. Maybe the good vibes around Blackmon’s great first half are enough to overcome the fact that he batted a decidedly underwhelming .264/.314/.384 in the second half.

Here’s the thing: I don’t even remember the names of the pitchers offered to me in the fake trade. But rather than digging and finding those names, I actually think it’s more fitting if I just say it’s two young pitchers. That is enough to make a pretty strong argument that the Rockies should trade Blackmon.

Given Chuck Nazty’s low upside relative to a guy like Drew Stubbs, and given the volatility of young pitching, wouldn’t it be reasonable for the Rockies to trade Blackmon for a couple lottery tickets? If one guy turns into a useful big league pitcher, you win the trade.

The Rockies have options for 4th and 5th outfielders if they trade Blackmon. They have a collective crush on Brandon Barnes, and someday they are going to let Kyle Parker play baseball for them. If there is value to be acquired for Blackmon, a likable but admittedly replaceable member of the Rockies, shouldn’t they go get it?

I know what you might be wondering: did the fake trade with the Rays go through? It did not. The reason? I didn’t reply to my email fast enough. Which makes me wonder…does that happen to real big league GM’s? They leave their phone in the other room, forget to check their email, and then poof, the trade offer is gone?

If that does happen, count it as one more reason that Dan O’Dowd struggled.

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