Who Should Be The Face Of The Rockies?


As we head in 2015, the face of the Colorado Rockies franchise, in my opinion, is unknown. Will someone emerge as a leader and face of the Rockies before the season starts?

The annual MLB Network Face Of The MLB tournament has just started to see who the fans believe should be the face of every franchise and of the entire league. So the question is: who is the face of the Rockies franchise?

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Larry Walker and the Blake Street Bombers were the face of the franchise for a while, as were Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez. As we enter the new year, the question remains: who really is the face of the franchise?

In my opinion, both Tulo and CarGo are no longer the face of the Rockies. Sure, when people think of the players in purple and black, those two are some of the first players who pop in their mind. Even if those two are still playing for the Rockies come April, I believe it’s time the Rockies seek a different face of the franchise.

A young and talented Nolan Arenado, in my opinion, should be the next face of the Colorado Rockies.

Arenado’s first two seasons in the Bigs have been impressive. Aside from a month long stint to the DL this last season, he has also stayed in relatively good health as well. That’s something neither CarGo nor Tulowitzki can say.

Oh yeah, did I mention he’s won the Gold Glove Award each of his two years in the Majors? He also finished seventh in Rookie Of The Year voting in 2013.

He is a young, fresh, and popular face in Colorado and he has the chance to continue to make a splash in the big leagues. If he continues to stay healthy and be as productive, both offensive and defensive wise, as he has during his first two years, there is no reason that he can’t be the face of the Rockies franchise.

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