Rockies Rumors: Wilin Rosario Staying Put?


It seems natural that the Colorado Rockies would trade Wilin Rosario, but rumors are that the team still plans to keep the slugging catcher for the 2015 season.

Maybe the Rockies are bluffing. Hopefully the Rockies are bluffing.

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It seemed like the natural progression for this off-season was underway. First, the Rockies would sign a better all-around catcher to shoulder some of the load behind the plate. General manager Jeff Bridich did just that when they signed Nick Hundley to a two-year deal. Next, they would trade Wilin Rosario to an American League team.

That’s all there is to it, right?

In the words of Lee Corso…not so fast my friends. Jerry Crasnick of ESPN reports that the Rockies’ front office has told teams they will still keep the man known as ‘Baby Bull.’

If this is truly how the Rockies feel, their strategy might be misguided. As they try to improve the overall results for their pitching staff next season, it seems like they should move on from Rosario entirely. I have argued here before that the Rockies should find ways to more creatively use Rosario through platoons if they do keep him, but ultimately the best option is to trade him.

Here is where I hope the Rockies are bluffing. If Jeff Bridich came out tomorrow and said the team is now looking to trade Rosario, that would hurt their leverage in a deal, right? If opposing teams know that the Rockies feel like they have no choice but to trade Rosario, they’re going to offer pennies on the dollar for him.

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Don’t the Rockies have to give the impression that they would be happy to keep Rosario to get any value for him? Not that any team is going to jump at the chance to acquire him, even with his right-handed power, but the Rockies certainly cannot expect to get much of anything if they appear desperate to get rid of Rosario.

Hopefully a Wilin Rosario trade can still happen this off-season. Hopefully the Rockies are just bluffing and letting the right information get out through reports like this one to give themselves a chance to get value for Rosario in a potential deal.

Wilin Rosario is not a great fit for the Rockies. Jeff Bridich and the front office say they want to keep him anyway. Hopefully they are fibbing.

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