What If Wilin Rosario Isn’t Traded?


Numerous Rockies’ rumors this off-season have centered around Wilin Rosario, but what should the team do if they are not able to trade the slugging catcher?

There has to be a middle ground, right?

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When it comes to Wilin Rosario, the Colorado Rockies have apparently considered two options, and two options only, over the last couple off-seasons.

  1. Replace Rosario with a better all-around catcher and trade him
  2. Use him as the everyday catcher

Isn’t there something in between those two options? Shouldn’t the Rockies be able to use a talented but imperfect slugger like Wilin Rosario more creatively, even if they do not have the luxury of using him as a designated hitter?

Rosario still possesses a cherished skill, after all. He hits for power from the right side of the plate. That still matters, and that can still be useful because Rosario truly mashes left-handed pitching. Regard his career splits:

Is there any chance that the Rockies could maximize that skill? Can they platoon Rosario some at catcher and some at first base? Can’t we imagine a scenario where Rosario starts at first base against some of those tough left-handed pitchers in the NL West, then exits in the 6th or 7th inning for Justin Morneau?

Cannot the Rockies channel the Oakland A’s a little bit and maximize the output of an imperfect but talented player like Wilin Rosario? Even if it’s not the exact scenario outlined above, isn’t there some middle ground the Rockies can find in between everyday catcher and trade/rumored non-tender candidate?

The Rockies maintain that one of their priorities is finding a trade for Rosario, preferably with an American League team so that he can go be a designated hitter.

But that market might be drying up in a hurry. The Texas Rangers appeared to move on in their search for right-handed power by landing Kyle Blanks. The Seattle Mariners continue to set their sights higher than a guy like Rosario.

There simply does not appear to be many suitors for Rosario, so we very well might be looking at a world where he remains with the Rockies, even if they know they must find another everyday catcher.

There has to be a middle ground with Wilin Rosario if he isn’t traded…right?

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