Colorado Rockies Christmas Wish List


Christmas 2014 is nearly here and the Colorado Rockies are in need of a few presents. It’s time the Rockies sent their Christmas Wishlist to Santa.

Dear Santa,

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The Colorado Rockies had a rough year.

Colorado needs some help. I know you usually bring just presents to the good boys and girls all around the world but this year the Rockies are in need a some things that are bigger than just presents. If you could help them out, it would be greatly appreciated. I wrote down a few of the things they could really use.

1. Health

Colorado really needs to keep their entire team healthy throughout the entire season in order to compete with the rest of the National League West. Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez and a few of the pitchers really need to be able to stay healthy this year. Maybe you could bring the Rockies some magical health potion that will help them stay healthy and injury-free all year.

2. Pitching

Whether it be by an offseason signing, a trade, or maybe even an amazing pitcher just randomly showing up at 20th and Blake one day, the Rockies could really use some better pitching. Jon Gray and Eddie Butler might be able to contribute at some point next year, but they really need some now.

3. Catching

Don’t get me wrong, I like Wilin Rosario but it is time the Rockies move in a different direction. Colorado really needs a defensive catcher who also happens to have some pop in his bat. It’s not too much to ask for, right?

4. Leadership

This may be last but it is certainly not least! The Rockies really need someone to emerge as a leader before the start of the 2015 season. Please help someone, both in the clubhouse and the front office, emerge as someone who can lead this team throughout the entire year.

That is it, Santa! This is my entire Christmas wish list. I know I didn’t go into great detail but I didn’t think it would be needed, seeing as you are a Rockies fan yourself. Maybe you can bring the Rockies a Christmas miracle!

You rock Santa,


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