Colorado Rockies: Does The Front Office Even Care Anymore?


The Colorado Rockies are getting left behind in the National League West. Unless the Rockies Front Office starts showing they care about the direction of the club, they could find themselves in the bottom of the West for a long time. 

According to reports from earlier today, the Colorado Rockies and the New York Mets are still continuing in trade talks that would send All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki to the Mets. So…what’s new here? How many different ways can we say they are in trade talks before we finally understand this trade and any others will most likely not be happening this offseason?

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Over the last week we have seen the San Diego Padres make a vast amount of moves. They traded for slugging outfielder Matt Kemp, 2013 AL Rookie of the Year Will Myers and All-Star catcher Derek Norris. To cap it all off, this morning its was reported the Atlanta Braves have traded All-Star outfielder Justin Upton to the Padres as well.

San Diego entered this offseason with a new general manager, just like the Rockies did. The only difference here is A.J. Preller, the new Padres GM, seems to care a whole lot more about building a winning team than Jeff Bridich of the Rockies does.

I am a die-hard fan of the Rockies and I bleed purple and black, but the Rockies make it so hard sometimes to be someone who wants to follow them. I look at what the Padres have done this offseason and I question why can’t the team I have followed my entire life care about winning that much.

No, I am not going to call for anyone’s head (because obviously that has already worked so well), but I am going to ask the front office to just show they care. Just a little bit. This organization has the ability and the talent it needs to be successful. Now it just needs successful leadership to help push itself over the top. It needs someone who will make a big-name trade when one needs to be made. Someone who cares more about building a successful, wining team than how much money that team brings in. Just have a freaking pulse.

I have no idea what it is like to be a big name in the front office of a professional sports organization. I have no idea the stress or the kinds of pressure it puts on someone. But I do know what it is like to be a fan of a team that has had only three playoff appearances in its entire existence. Just show the fans you want to build a team that will make it to October. Look at what the Padres have done this offseason. Write it down, read about it, just put it in your brain and remember it for the rest of the offseason. Know that it could have been the Rockies making a big splash in the trade market instead of San Diego.

Now here the Rockies sit, less than one week until Christmas, and the only big move they have made is trading a utility infielder for an unproven flame-throwing right-hander who may or may not make it in the Bigs (I am a big fan of Diaz and believe that he can flourish with the Rockies). And it doesn’t seem like anything else will happen. I really hope I am wrong.

The bottom line is that the basement of the NL West is a cold and lonely place. Rockies fans better get comfortable with it quickly because if nothing changes with this front office, it seems like a place the Rockies are going to be for awhile.

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