Colorado Rockies Continue Search For Pitching Coach


The Colorado Rockies continue their search for a pitching coach. General manager Jeff Bridich described what they are looking for in a candidate this week.

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The Rockies did not hire a pitching coach right away. Can we take that as a sign that they are going through an actual search process? Might we actually get an external candidate for this gig?

Time will tell, but which each day that passes, I find myself just a little bit more hopeful that the Rockies are going to break the mold of thinking they have to hire an internal candidate for their pitching coach job because of familiarity with the challenges of altitude, blah blah blah.

Asked this week about the search for a pitching coach, Jeff Bridich said the following (via the Denver Post):

"“Right now, Walt and I are waist deep in the process of interviewing candidates,” Bridich said. “We don’t have a specific timetable but would love to find the right person very soon.”“We are looking for men who will wake up with energy every day, eager to go and work for the players,” he said. “We are looking at a range of experience, inside and outside of our organization, so we won’t have a narrow viewpoint at all. And it’s important that we have people who can work well together.”"

Are you also confused? OK good. The only thing I know for sure from that description is that the Rockies are not considering female candidates for the position. Men only.

As the sexist search continues, it will be interesting to see if we get a sense of who the candidates are or what the Rockies are thinking.

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