Watch: That one huge Corey Dickerson home run (Video)


I am not a scout. That doesn’t mean I don’t play one in this blog, but officially, I am not a scout.

With that qualifier out of the way, here is a scouting report on Colorado Rockies’ outfielder Corey Dickerson: anybody who can do this to a baseball should probably be in the lineup everyday:

Dickerson has become the star of the Rockies’ 2014 season for a number of reasons. His overall numbers top that list (.312/.364/.567, 141 OPS+, 140 wRC+), followed by his sneaky pursuit of a batting title, his clutch moments, and his ridiculous power.

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I think we all knew that Dickerson was a powerful young man and that his power would translate in the big leagues, especially against right-handed pitching. But I’m not sure anybody could have reasonably expected that he would hit bombs like these, like he is a left-handed version of Wilin Rosario or something.

What makes this particular moonshot from last month even better is the fact that it came in the bottom of the 9th inning against a solid closer in Steve Cishek to tie the game.

Also from the “I’m not a scout” files: some of that power has to come from the torque he generates with that swing, but you don’t hit baseballs that far just by swinging hard. This young man has some raw strength to go along with all of the rest of his ridiculous talent as a hitter.

Here at Rox Pile, we are taking today to celebrate Dickerson’s outstanding 2014 season. Go ahead and watch that home run again. You’ve earned it.