Nolan Arenado out with early-onset pneumonia


Now the Colorado Rockies are just finding new ways to lose their players to injuries and bad health. As if the appendectomies, deer-meat injuries, and “fatty masses with tentacles” weren’t enough, now we learn that star third baseman Nolan Arenado is out of the lineup with early-onset pneumonia.

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Ultimately this is just kind of a fluky thing, but the timing makes it hard not to try and attribute additional meaning to the news when it comes to the fact that the Rockies simply cannot keep their best players on the field, ever.

Manager Walt Weiss offered the following about Arenado’s health and his status for the remainder of the season (from the Denver Post):

"“He had some fluid in his lungs,” Weiss said. “But I think we’ll see him again this season.”Arenado underwent an MRI and CT scan Monday night for what the team suspected was a rib injury. The test revealed a chest bruise — and coincidentally doctors found signs of pneumonia."

Give the Rockies this: they have to be among the league leaders in graphic descriptions of injuries and health situations. Many people are familiar with the situation described by Weiss, and it’s not as if that’s overly graphic or anything. But by that same token, how many managers would actually speak to fluid in a guy’s lungs? Wouldn’t most managers say he’s “under the weather” or that he “just needs a couple days”? I think they probably would.

Regardless, Arenado is down for now, and with so little time left in the season, it might be that we have seen the last of him in 2014, despite what Weiss said here.

As of today, Arenado is batting .287/.328/.500 with 18 home runs and 61 RBI. It is that bump in offense that makes him such a crucial piece of the puzzle for the Rockies moving forward.