Colorado Rockies 2015 schedule: Notes and observations


The Colorado Rockies have been looking forward to next season for a while now. Like a number of teams that have been knocked out of contention, they have been playing out the remainder of their schedule with an eye towards the future. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some noteworthy items from the 2015 regular season schedule for the Colorado Rockies.

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How They Open 2015

At the Milwaukee Brewers…we’ve done this before, by the way. They are then home for the Chicago Cubs to open their Coors Field schedule.

The Rest of April

We’ll know pretty quickly how the Rockies stack up with the rest of the National League West: the remaining 16 games in April are inside the division. Unfortunately, the Rockies have the honor of being the opponent for the San Francisco Giants’ home opener on Monday, April 13th. That’s a guaranteed loss if ever I have seen one.

Days Off

Hey! The Rockies have three scheduled off days in April! How about that!

As we learned this season, the flexibility offered by those days off is no small factor if/when the Rockies are dealing with injuries in their starting rotation to open the season.

The Worst Road Trip

The Rockies will go through a variation on one of those dreaded west coast trips at the end of June 2015, with three at the Giants, three at the Oakland Athletics, and four at the Arizona Diamondbacks. At least the Dodgers aren’t involved…

No Big East Coast Trip

As you might already know from the Denver Post’s coverage of the 2015 schedule, the Rockies have it relatively easy in terms of east coast road trips next season. That is significant, as noted by Nick Groke, because it seems like those are the kinds of trips that ruin the Rockies’ season each summer.

Manager Walt Weiss said the following about that aspect of the schedule: “That is nice. Coming back East has always been difficult for us. We need to figure that out.” 

Um…yea, you do.

How The Season Wraps Up

Allow yourself the fantasy of a 2015 season where the Rockies are in contention down the stretch. Were that to be the case, they would wrap up with a tough slate of games. They play the Dodgers six times in September and they play the Giants seven times in September and October. They do have a lengthy homestand from September 18-27, but then end with three games in Arizona and their final three games in San Francisco.

If you’re looking for drama, it would sure be great if those games mattered.

Here’s to a surprisingly successful 2015 and a different conversation at this time next year.