Walt Weiss on team’s road offense: ‘That’s the million-dollar question’


Give Colorado Rockies’ manager Walt Weiss credit for his honesty. We all know that he cannot explain the Rockies’ woes on offense when they play away from Coors Field. He’s much better off calling it what it is than pretending he has an answer to that problem up his sleeve.

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Let’s all face it. Whether the Rockies are playoff contenders or basement dwellers during any given season, certain facts will always be true. They are as follows:

  • They will not hit on the road
  • They will be horrible at baserunning collectively
  • They will be fiercely loyal, whether to players, coaches, or front office personnel

When it comes to their offense away from the friendly confines of LoDo, Weiss acknowledged again on Sunday that he has no answers as the Rockies wrapped up a seven-game trip in which they hit .152 as a team. From the Denver Post:

"‘That’s the million-dollar question. It’s something we’ve had to deal with in Colorado since we’ve had a club.’Weiss has said that his club must improve its two-strike approach and be able to use the whole field, hitting “line to line.” He also said: “Our swings can get big, as they have at times. That’s when you get exposed on the road.”‘"

Those points are well taken, of course, but they are also the same points that have been offered by every coach in franchise history when asked about the problem. Ultimately, this issue is going to come down to the players and not the message from the manager or the hitting coach or anybody else.

This season the Rockies are batting .317 at home and .229 on the road. They have 96 home runs at Coors Field versus just 57 on the road.

Maybe the ease with which they hit at Coors Field spoils their approach. Maybe they become mentally fragile as they struggle on the road. It beats the heck out of me; it just so happens that is something I have in common with Walt Weiss.