Colorado Rockies lose again, drop series in Arizona


The Colorado Rockies played on the road against the Arizona Diamondbacks this month six times. They lost four of those games. They lost two series.

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It is at this point that I get pretty cranky with the team I love. They have taken away one of my favorite pastimes, at least of the last few years: making fun of the Diamondbacks.

At the beginning of this season in particular, there was a certain joy to be found in the fact that the Diamondbacks were so far behind the rest of the league, that their search for grit and toughness and whatever other nonsense they cited had cost them in terms of the standings and in terms of credibility.

Even as the Rockies started to plummet down the standings, I could at least say: “Well hey, they’re still better than the Diamondbacks.”

That is no longer true. As things stand now after Colorado’s 6-2 loss to the Diamondbacks on Sunday, the Rockies are a full three games back of the Diamondbacks in the standings.

I’m going to add this to my tab for the Rockies this season and the losses for which they owe me from following them this season: time, sleep, arguments in favor of Troy Tulowitzki as a franchise player, and now the ability to point and laugh at the Diamondbacks as the joke of the league.

I would ask what’s next, but I am truly frightened to find out.

On Sunday the Rockies theoretically had their best chance to win, as Jorge De La Rosa was the starting pitcher. De La Rosa fared well enough over the course of six innings before giving way to the bullpen. Matt Belisle was the reliever of choice on this day, and to the surprise of literally nobody, he surrendered more runs. As for De La Rosa, he was charged with four earned runs over those six innings with three walks and five strikeouts.

It certainly wasn’t De La Rosa’s best start of the year, and with the offense in the tank, he wasn’t going to get the run support to get by on this day without his sharpest stuff. The only Rockies’ offense came from another home run off the bat of Charlie Blackmon and an RBI from Charlie Culberson, he of the .194 batting average.

Each time I turn on the Rockies I cheer for a victory. I would like to see them win a chunk of games before the season ends for any variety of reasons. Chief among them, I want a reason to make fun of the Diamondbacks again.