Charlie Blackmon splashes down with home run (GIF)


First Corey Dickerson got a baseball wet by launching it into the bay in San Francisco. Now Charlie Blackmon has done the same by sending a home run into the pool beyond the outfield fence in Arizona.

One of the key questions for Blackmon after his hot start was whether or not his power numbers would be sustainable. It was nice to see his strikeout rate down this season, and Blackmon generally feels like a reliable guy at the plate in the lead-off spot. It was the power, however, that made Blackmon dynamic and made him an All-Star.

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It is also the addition of the power to his other attributes, including his athleticism and his solid defense, that will likely persuade the Rockies to make the man known as @Chuck_Nazty one of the guys around whom they build this lineup going forward. So it is, in the hopes of feeling justified in that regard, that the Rockies have to like what they see each time Blackmon drives a ball like he did on Saturday night.

The home run was the 16th of the season for Blackmon, putting him on the fringe of a possible 20-20 season (he already has 22 stolen bases). His OPS this season is .765.

Blackmon will be a fixture in the Rockies’ lineup next season. That gives us something to watch for down the stretch, then, as we look for more signs from him that this season is no fluke.