The Rockies Celebrate Todd Helton


It’s been hard to find anything truly great about this Rockies season. Even though the team started strong (at least once they left Miami), and even though there have been some pleasant surprises (Jordan Lyles, Corey Dickerson, Charlie Blackmon), the overall product the team is putting on the field is just plain gross. In case you haven’t heard, they have the worst record in baseball, and they’re currently on track to lose 100 games. They also just got swept by the Padres.

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However, we do have something quite wonderful to look forward to this weekend, and that is the retirement of Todd Helton‘s number 17. Helton is so beloved amongst Rockies fans that it almost feels like his appearance at Coors Field could bring an end to this nightmare, or at least make it go away for a while. The Rockies do a lot of things wrong, but so far they’ve done right by Helton. They did an excellent job honoring him in his final game at Coors last year, and I have hope that they’ll do the same when retiring his number.

The Rockies’ series against the Cincinnati Reds starts tonight, but Helton-mania starts tomorrow. For Friday and Saturday’s games, if you arrive early enough, you’ll get some cool collectibles. On Friday, the Rockies give away a Todd Helton “farewell” bobblehead. Given the ridiculous figurines they’ve been handing out this season, this one looks great: Todd tipping his cap as he did so many times when saying goodbye last year.

It will look great next to my other Helton bobblehead, where he’s running the bases after his September 2007 walk-off home run. Saturday’s giveaway is a Helton jersey, and I’m sure they’ll spell his name right, because they wouldn’t make that mistake twice in one season, right … ?

Sunday is when I’m prepared to cry in front of people, because the official number retirement ceremony will take place before the game starts. Todd will be there, probably with his family, to receive this honor and say thanks to his fans. Also, because it wouldn’t be the 2014 Rockies otherwise, there will be a weird bobblegnome giveaway.

If you haven’t been out to see the Rockies much this year, this weekend would be a great time to find your way to Coors Field. Or if, like me, you’ve been out there a lot, this would also be a good time. It might be the only thing the Rockies are doing right now that is worth watching.