The Colorado Rockies are awful


Just take a moment and zoom out. When you look back on this Colorado Rockies’ season and try to recall some of its stories and key moments (for better or for worse), will there be anything left to remember but the fact that this team is really, truly awful?

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It sounds obvious. It is obvious, in fact, but sometimes it is valuable to just step back, in awe and amazement, and observe this single statement in its brutal simplicity: this team is awful.

As far as telling the story of the present state of the franchise is concerned, consider the last two series: the sweep at the hands of the Detroit Tigers this past weekend and the series that is underway against the Chicago Cubs.

You have gut instincts about certain things as a fan of the Rockies or any other team. You develop these over time as you watch wins and losses and get a sense of what happens in any given game or season.

Your gut feelings might not be the same as mine or anybody else’s, and we won’t all agree on everything. But some of these reflexes are universal, reactions that we can all relate to.

One example would be the feeling about the Rockies before that series in Detroit. In so many words, it could be summed up as follows: oh boy…this is not a fair fight. Your version might have been more colorful or contained more expletives, but that was the gist of it, right?

In this beautiful game of baseball, we would like to think that any team can rise up and beat any other team on a given night. This series was an exception. It felt like there was absolutely no shot the Rockies would win a game, and they were predictably swept.

Then there is the series opening loss to the Cubs on Tuesday. These two teams are certainly more evenly matched, residing as they do at the bottom of their respective divisions. But when this game reached extra innings, I did not look at the Cubs and think: “Oh good, the Rockies actually have a chance to win a close game.”

Nope. I just wondered: “Which guy on the Cubs is going to experience a rare moment of glory?”

It’s those gut feelings that make this horrible Rockies season feel just a little bit more horrible than those of the past.

Oh, and the Rockies are four games worse than the Cubs in the standings. If you were looking for a stat to run with, take that one and enjoy the rest of your afternoon.