Rockies injury news: Carlos Gonzalez is hurt again


It is August 2nd, and already we are experiencing another version of the Colorado Rockies’ worst fears realized.

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Troy Tulowitzki is hurt. Carlos Gonzalez is hurt. And this team stinks to high hell, 20 games below .500 and on the verge of being the worst team in all of baseball.

On this night it was beautiful sliding catch by CarGo that caused the injury to his right ankle, reopening another topic that Rockies fans have heard about for years and years: that man can sure play great defense, but is it even worth it when he gets hurt so easily? Should be willing to watch him loaf around the outfield, avoiding walls at all costs, if it means keeping his bat in the lineup?

We won’t answer that question anytime soon, I suppose, just like we will probably never know the answer to the big ugly “what if” question for this franchise: what if CarGo and Tulo actually stayed healthy for a full season?

Here is the catch that caused CarGo’s right ankle injury on Friday night.

Granted, this play came in a significant spot as it helped Franklin Morales wiggle out of a two-men-on jam. Still, at what cost?

So now the Rockies proceed against the juggernaut that is the Detroit Tigers without Tulo or CarGo or any starting rotation to speak of (and don’t even talk about the bullpen). They are the worst team in the National League and it feels like it.

Yes, injuries play a role and will always play a role. They certainly have with this team, and we might be approaching the moment when this franchise has no choice but to give up on the pipe dream that CarGo and Tulo will ever both stay healthy, together, as members of the Rockies.