Nolan Arenado glimpses into the future in Rockies loss


The Colorado Rockies are 20 games below the .500 mark. They have a front office that is nationally regarded as a joke and they play in a ballpark that people refuse to take seriously.

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With expensive veterans on expiring deals on that same team as Thursday’s trade deadline came and went, the Rockies decided that their best course of action was to stand pat and keep all of those players. All of them. With legit interest in a few of them from contending teams.

That inaction stems from a belief, inexplicable though it may seem, that a team that is 20 games below .500 and has a -52 run differential has injuries solely to blame and that the same roster will be ready to go and win next season.

In the meantime, the Rockies took the field and lost to the Chicago Cubs again, this time by a score of 3-1. In a series that presented many moments of its own, though few that were aesthetically pleasing, third baseman Nolan Arenado was left as one of the few signs of hope as the Cubs won three out of four games.

To be fair to the pitching staff, the Rockies had multiple guys turn in strong performances in this series.

But those guys will come and go, as will the occasional strong start, even if it does come from Yohan Flande or Pedro Hernandez. As for Arenado, he made his usual outstanding defensive plays throughout the series. Twice, both in losses, he also happened to be the only guy who actually made any impact at the plate in a loss.

Not that we should expect sweeping changes or a fire sale from this front office, goodness knows, but changes will still have to come eventually. They might happen as they should or they might be forced by injury. Whatever happens, we know that Arenado is the safest bet of all to be a member of the Rockies for a long time.

As far as that existence is concerned, Arenado might have gotten a glimpse of his future during these ugly losses. This team is driving off a cliff and all anybody can do is yell to try and get their attention and hope somebody notices. Arenado might end up yelling loudest of all once the dust settles with his colleagues CarGo and Tulo.