Colorado Rockies: Are we anywhere near the end of the Dan O’Dowd era?


Acknowledging the general confusion when it comes to the Colorado Rockies front office and specifically the question of who is in charge in the front office, I pose the following question innocently enough.

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Are we actually anywhere near the end of the Dan O’Dowd era in Colorado? Furthermore, will the inactivity at Thursday’s non-waiver trade deadline be any sort of step in the direction of actually getting a new front office?

With a record 20 games below .500 and a three-out-of-four series loss to the Chicago Cubs under their belts, one has to wonder what it will take on the field to force change. But the decision to do nothing off of it on Thursday was especially baffling, and one that might be built around the idea that this team thinks they can win next season.

Seriously, what will it take to move on from O’Dowd? In asking the question that way, I suppose we are also wondering about Bill Geivett, he who was thrown under the bus by owner Dick Monfort just recently.

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post offers the fanciful and awfully appealing suggestion that O’Dowd should resign simply because it is the right thing to do:

"O’Dowd is a man of integrity. Every one of his moves during the past 15 years, whether it was a wasted draft pick or a bargain-basement acquisition that helped a midmarket franchise, were made with the best interests of the Rockies in mind.O’Dowd is tougher than Monfort, and somebody has to be brave enough to change this franchise’s fortunes. Here’s betting the Rockies owner can’t summon the nerve to fire his general manager.But O’Dowd does have the strength to do what’s best for the Rockies.Formulate a resignation letter, deliver it to Monfort and tell Colorado thanks for everything."

That won’t happen, of course, but perhaps it has the chance to get the ball rolling and turn up the pressure on this conversation.

The Rockies could very well be 25 games below .500 at this point next week. They could also be the worst team in the National League even with the return of key players between now and the end of the season. Will that be the thing to point out how silly it is to think this team can win soon?

Is there anyway we are actually nearing the end of the O’Dowd/Geivett era? Probably not, and among the sad things you can say about the Rockies, that might be the saddest of all.