The ultimate embarrassment: Colorado Rockies misspell ‘Tulowitzki’


The Colorado Rockies season might just have hit rock bottom, and it’s because of something that happened off the field. And that’s really saying something: I think I’ve said that the season has hit rock bottom 20 times this year, as we’ve suffered through loss after loss. This, I think, is a new low.

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Yesterday, the Rockies gave out free Troy Tulowitzki t-shirts at the game. That’s a nice gesture, as Tulowitzki has been one of the lone bright spots for this horror show all year, and the Rockies also want to thank the fans that can actually sit through an entire (gasp!) game. It also seemed like a can’t-lose thing to do. What could possibly have gone wrong?

Well, the anemic Rockies organization screwed up this simple kind gesture. How? They spelled Tulowitzki’s name wrong. The name was printed as “Tulowizki,” so a bunch of people are now walking around with Tulowizki shirts. How the Rockies could spell any player’s name wrong is a mystery. How they could spell the FRANCHISE PLAYER’S (who may or may not be traded in the next few days) name wrong is another thing entirely. This is equally as embarrassing as the numerous games that our team has screwed up in the last few months.

After the major gaffe, the Rockies released the following statement:

"Our sincere apologies to the fans for the misspelling of the Troy Tulowitzki King Soopers jersey that was distributed tonight.Acknowledging that many fans came to the game for the jersey, rather than disappoint them, we decided to go ahead and hand them out.We have made plans to reproduce the jersey and fans wishing to exchange will be able to do so at a future date (TBD) in September at Coors Field or the Rockies Dugout Stores. In addition, fans exchanging the jersey will receive a complimentary ticket to a future game in 2014 or 2015."

That’s nice and all, but tickets next year might as well be free anyway based on the way the team has played this year. The silver lining? At least it gives us, the fans, something to laugh at. I thank the Rockies for this embarrassing mistake, because it accomplished something the team couldn’t, at least not in the last few months: it made me smile.