Colorado Rockies trade rumors: Mets interested in Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez


I will speak only for myself here, not presuming to know for a second what other Colorado Rockies’ fans are thinking when it comes to the trade rumors swirling around Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez.

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Today is when things started to feel real. Today marked a moment when I truly understood that the two franchise cornerstones might not be here much longer.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post writes that the New York Mets have told the Colorado Rockies that they want to talk if ever Colorado decides to trade Tulo and CarGo.

"As a symbol of where they are in their rebuilding effort and the growing strength of their farm system, Mets officials have told their Rockies counterparts if Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez are ever made available, they want in on the action."

Sherman is not doing what many national writers have done recently; he is not simply noting that Tulo or Cargo “might” want out eventually and then wishing it to happen. He provides an actual sense of what general managers and people in the industry know.

"An AL executive who checked in with the Rockies described a club in some disarray concerning who will be making front office decisions in the future, but not ready yet to trade a huge piece now. An NL executive said he believes owner Dick Monfort will consider the move more than ever, but ultimately is too loyal and committed to those players to move them."

What also makes this report different, at least in my eyes, is the fact that the talks themselves have substance as far as the players the Rockies would get in return.

"The Rockies are said to think highly of Noah Syndergaard, Brandon Nimmo, Steven Matz, Dilson Herrera and others. In other words, the Mets — if they are willing to part with some combination of good farmhands — will be factors for CarGo, Tulowitzki or any other star that comes onto the market."

Besides the Mets, Sherman notes the Yankees as wanting Tulo (duh) and the Cardinals as a team that would still be capable of pulling a deal off.

The Rockies are fast approaching the level of terrible that will leave them with no choice but to make changes, a level of terrible where change for change’s sake isn’t the absolute worst thing because it’s almost impossible to move forward with the same group in place. That is the sense you get as you watch this team flail about helplessly, and that is the sense I get in reading these rumblings from Sherman.

This feels real, so while you do not want to overreact too much to these things, I am starting to sense genuine momentum that both Tulowitzki and Gonzalez will be gone by sometime this winter. If that is the case, it should reflect poorly on the front office that put that plan in place to start with, though goodness knows it probably won’t. I still believe trading Tulowitzki would be a mistake, but these talks are rolling along.

We will continue to receive multiple reminders of how bad things have gotten this season. For me personally, on purely a “gut-level” instinct, this article from Sherman hit especially hard.