Charlie Blackmon: ‘I think we’re really close, I really do’


Based on serious research that includes social media, watching him play baseball, and a genuine appreciation for his beard, I would like to think that I agree with Colorado Rockies’ outfielder Charlie Blackmon on just about everything.

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That list of topics and interests would include, in no particular order:

  • The merits of a good beard
  • The importance of wearing an American flag shirt, in the right context

And this list goes on and on, as far as I can tell. @Chuck_Nazty is the man.

Here is one thing Blackmon and I do not agree on, though: whether or not the Colorado Rockies have a chance to make the 2014 playoffs.

Speaking to the Denver Post, Blackmon said the following about the second half in 2014 and the Rockies’ chances:

"“I think we’re really close, I really do,” Blackmon said. “A lot of those games could’ve gone either way, and then lately they went in the wrong direction. We were right there the whole time.“I think we’ll be back in good shape. I think we’re only going to get more healthy as to where other teams, at this point in the year, guys are getting tired.”"

I actually don’t entirely disagree with the thinking here, but the problem is that the Rockies lost so many of those close games already that their hole is far too big to realistically hope for anything. That is especially true with the Dodgers perched atop the National League West and the glut of good teams in the National League Central leading the conversation about the wild card spots.

The ghost of Rocktober remains, even all these years later. The Rockies still believe they have that late-season run in them. On the one hand you would want to hear nothing less; you don’t want to get the impression that the Rockies are giving up on the season.

On the other hand, they might want to gear their answers more toward the “one day at a time” variety, you know?