Dick Monfort issues statement about recent emails to Colorado Rockies’ fans


The Colorado Rockies have a number of messy situations to deal with in addition to their horrible play on the field and their distressing 39-53 record. They have the injuries to consider. A number of key players face uncertainty and will hit free agency at the end of the season.

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They have a star player in Troy Tulowitzki who has said he doesn’t mind the idea of being traded. They have two general managers, neither of whom have any sustained record of success in said roles. And finally, they have an owner in Dick Monfort who has behaved inappropraitely, to say the least, over the course of the last week.

The behavior that has received the most attention, and rightfully so, was a series of emails in which Monfort angrily responded to frustrated fans.

In what can be described as nothing short of tantrums, Monfort snapped at one fan that if he doesn’t like the product on the field, then he “shouldn’t come.” Another fan opined that the Monforts are not worthy of a professional franchise, to which Monfort snipped: “maybe Denver isn’t worthy of a franchise.” Specifically, he offered the following reply:

"“By the way you talk maybe Denver doesn’t deserve a franchise, maybe time for it to find a new home. Thanks.”"

That understandably made a number of fans upset, and so Monfort issued a statement apologizing…kind of. From MLB.com:

"I want to express my sincere apology to Rockies fans that received a recent email response that was not consistent with our organization’s values. I have always tried to be open, friendly and understanding. Obviously, at times I have failed. The fact that so many of you take the time to write to us demonstrates your tremendous passion for the Rockies.Our fans throughout our city and state are the greatest in all of sports. We’re not interested, nor have we ever been interested in the relocation of our franchise. A report last night stated that in an email I sent to one of our fans, I felt Denver wasn’t deserving of a franchise. I want everyone to know that leaving Colorado has never been, and will never be an option. Our fans are our biggest asset and we do not take their support lightly. We’re blessed to be a part of this great community and we want to bring a championship to all of our fans that they so richly deserve.I want our fans to know that our entire organization is committed to great baseball and a great experience. I’m sorry I created this confusion.Sincerely,Dick Monfort"

Of course Monfort should have apologized directly to the fans that he responded to. That said, he should have also included all frustrated fans. Furthermore, his apology needed to encompass a hell of a lot more than the “confusion” about relocating the franchise.

If Monfort thinks the outcry about his behavior is because of “confusion” about relocation, he does not truly understand the problem.

Half-baked, is the way I would describe this apology for behavior that is unfathomable from a professional sports owner.