Colorado Rockies fall apart again, lose to Washington Nationals


Zoom in on the events of this particular game for a moment. In a game that they ultimately lost by a final score of 7-3, the Colorado Rockies held a 2-1 lead and had competed admirably into the sixth inning of a road game against a tough team in the Washington Nationals. Furthermore, Washington was fired up by the return of one of their star players in outfielder Bryce Harper.

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For a team that has been plummeting to irrelevance over the course of the last month, the Rockies looked like a team that could win a close game for much of this one. Yohan Flande pitched out of some tight spots, everybody in the lineup except Wilin Rosario competed in their at-bats against Jordan Zimmerman, and guys came up with defensive plays when they were needed. It was not unreasonable, based strictly on those innings, to think that the Rockies were in position to win a tough road game.

That made it pretty painful, then, to watch Rob Scahill labor through one of the worst bullpen appearances the Rockies will see this season (no small feat) as he dragged the team to another loss to wrap up June. The worst part might have been the fact that the Rockies had no choice but to make Scahill wear it and stay in the game longer on a night when he surely wanted to just dig a hole and hide. All told Scahill surrendered four earned runs but was on the mound for six of the seven tallies for the Nationals.

Zoom out in terms of the season as a whole, however, and it is hard to be mad about this individual game. Be mad about the season, sure, but think about this: what would your reaction have been if I told you in March that the Rockies would play a game during the 2014 regular season in which Yohan Flande started and gave way to Rob Scahill?


The Rockies have a lot to figure out. An overhaul of the front office is long overdue, but right now all we can do when it comes to 2014 specifically is throw our hands in the air and say, “Oh whatever…I dunno.”

All we really learned on a night like this is that the Rockies’ minor league pitchers aren’t good enough to beat a World Series favorite like the Washington Nationals. Translation: we learned nothing about the state of the Rockies, other than that this season continues to be a major bummer.