It’s time to remove the Colorado Rockies Record Tracker


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It is with all of that in mind that I offer the following polite suggestion, especially on the heels of another Rockies loss on Saturday afternoon at the hands of the Milwaukee Brewers.

It’s time to remove the Colorado Rockies Record Tracker. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please observe the screenshot below (and follow this link to the Rockies’ team page on

Some thoughts:

  • A math major I am not, but this is going to get depressing, no? I know the Rockies stink, I don’t need to be reminded in picture form, even if the genesis of the picture, I think, was to troll Dick Monfort (at least a little bit, right?). What good does it do for me to see this when we reach the point that it says “At this rate, the Rockies will win 58 games.”
  • The argument in favor of this, perhaps, would be the absurdity of Monfort’s theory next to a horrible win-loss record. But if you think that’s going to be the catalyst for any sort of change, well, then you must be new to this “Rockies fan” thing.
  • Carlos Gonzalez isn’t in the lineup, so why are we still doing this?
  • Seriously, man, it’s going to get depressing. It was cool for a while, but the time has passed.

May I suggest, in lieu of the Record Tracker, the following picture:

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Really, that says it all better than any tracker, no?