Tyler Matzek, Kyle Parker highlight youth movement for Rockies


Can the Colorado Rockies pull off the improbable in 2014? Can they stay relevant as they also give their top prospects their first taste of the big leagues?

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You might not confuse them for a World Series contender, but given the parity created by the existence of a second wild card, the Rockies can still reasonably hope to be a playoff team. So with that being the case, it is interesting to try and figure out the recent promotions of outfielder Kyle Parker and starting pitcher Tyler Matzek.

It is not necessarily surprising that Parker and Matzek were ready to make their big league debuts. They are both former first round picks, after all. But it also certainly wasn’t part of the plan entering the season. One could have reasonably assumed that the Rockies’ season was in the toilets if those two had been called up to play prominent roles.

In that case we would have been excited to see two of the organization’s top prospects, but it would be a silver lining to a season that otherwise turned for the worst. Hey, the Rockies stink, but I am still excited to see what these guys look like on a big league field.

With a sweep of the San Francisco Giants this past weekend, however, the Rockies have still positioned themselves as a team that can make a run.

Is there a chance that we can actually have it both ways? Can we actually see top prospects like Matzek, Parker, Eddie Butler, and even Jon Gray, and still have the Rockies in the hunt late in the summer? It might not be likely, but the fact that it is even a possibility adds legitimate intrigue to this 2014 season.

Don’t get me wrong; given the choice, I would pass on the chance to see Matzek and Parker in favor of good health in the lineup and in the rotation. But now that they have arrived, it has made this Rockies’ season very interesting to watch as it unfolds.