Troy Tulowitzki, Charlie Blackmon, Nolan Arenado among early NL leaders in All-Star Game votes


Troy Tulowitzki and Charlie Blackmon will make the 2014 All-Star Game. At least I hope they do.

Nolan Arenado was well on his way to making the All-Star Game. Unfortunately his broken finger will likely derail those plans.

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If you asked me to predict how the All-Star Game would shake out in terms of the Rockies who would partake, I would say that Tulowitzki has a great to chance to be voted in as a starter. The extraordinary season he has had so far has been the subject of numerous conversations and articles, which explains why he leads the entire NL in votes. I would then predict that Blackmon gets added as a reserve, assuming he can keep up this high quality of play.

We’ll see how everything looks when the voting concludes, but at the present moment there are three Rockies among the NL leaders in votes: Tulo, @Chuck_Nazty, and Arenado. If the game were played today, there would be three Rockies in the starting lineup:

It got the attention of more than a few people that Blackmon would currently be in ahead of Carlos Gomez. That likely will not hold up over time. I would like to think that Blackmon’s advantage over Gomez is that he’s more likable; that is, he is not utterly and completely obnoxious. Gomez is still the far better player, however, and so he will likely deserve a starting nod. I hope that I’m right that Blackmon might be consistent enough to get a nod as a reserve.

A couple other All-Star Game thoughts…

…early returns have no members of the San Francisco Giants, the best team in league, in the starting lineup. What’s even more surprising about that is the fact that their rabid fan base has done well in the past to vote their guys in. I’ll be shocked if we aren’t looking at a couple Giants’ names on this list soon…

…what about Adam Ottavino when we get to the pitchers? I suppose he will be overlooked because he does not close, but if the All-Star Game is going to count for something, the NL should want Ottavino on the team.

Voting is open until July 3rd. You can click here to vote online over at