Wilin Rosario leaves Blake Doyle hanging (GIF)


Nothing makes a hitting coach prouder.

It is like Christmas morning for a hitting coach when a pull-happy hitter hits the ball hard the other way.

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He let it get deep. He stayed on top of the ball. He didn’t drag the barrel. He used the big part of the field. Oh happy day!

For all the shenanigans a hitting coach deals with over the course of a Major League season, these moments are their pay-off. For all the rollover groundballs, for all of the backwards K’s, and for all the runners stranded, they get to sit back and smile when a hitter hits the ball the other way, especially when it goes over the wall.

Imagine Rockies’ hitting coach Blake Doyle’s joy, then, when Wilin Rosario blasted an opposite field, three-run home run in the 7th inning of a victory on Tuesday night.

Doyle was as excited as you would expect him to be, immediately seeking high-fives from those around him.

Jorge De La Rosa obliged and gave Doyle some dap. Once Rosario returned to the dugout, having crossed the plate after his round-tripper, Doyle was jacked up to greet his slugging catcher after such a fine swing. Just one problem…

…Rosario totally left him hanging.

Upon seeing this highlight initially, I was not totally sure who that guy was. I had an inclination it was Doyle, but I was not nearly confident enough about that fact to say anything.

Thankfully I wasn’t the only one who noticed what had just happened.


So yes, Wilin Rosario definitely left his hitting coach Blake Doyle hanging after his big home run on Tuesday night.