Troy Tulowitzki has no comment on Krukow’s accusation


For better or for worse, Troy Tulowitzki keeps his nose clean. He does not start drama and he does not partake in drama. That man puts his head down and he works.

Ironically it is Tulo’s relative disinterest in anything other than baseball that has garnered some criticism over the years. Some see his down-to-business, serious personality as a sign that he is not a good leader or perhaps not cut out to be a franchise player.

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Those debates are separate issues entirely, but the point is this: Tulo doesn’t do fluff. He doesn’t engage in nonsense. No Twitter. Only weird, local commercials for the most part. He comes off, at least to me, as a man who just wants to do his job and do it well.

That was certainly the approach he took in response to Tuesday’s comments from San Francisco Giants’ broadcaster Mike Krukow. In a radio interview Krukow said he “swears” Tulo is getting signs, because that is the only way to explain his torrid hitting at Coors Field. Asked what he thought about the accusation, Tulowitzki offered a firm “no comment.”

"“I would rather not get involved in that. I don’t want to comment.”"

I love Tulo for this. He should leave it to Rockies fans and folks like me to get heated about dumb comments from a broadcaster. And while many players would have the good sense to brush it aside as Tulo did here, not every player would.

Tulo might not get everything right in the eyes of many Rockies fans, but he got this right. No need to throw gas on the fire. We’ll take care of that for him.