About the Rockies and an appropriately rated series victory over the San Diego Padres


Everything has to be overrated or underrated these days.


And to pose the question I first heard asked by Ryen Russillo of ESPN, cannot something in the world of sports, whether it be a team, a player, or an accomplishment, be appropriately rated?

Do we need so badly to pick a side so that we can embrace debate that everything must swing to one extreme or the other? It shouldn’t be that way. Let’s assess the Colorado Rockies and their much needed series victory over the San Diego Padres this weekend and let’s call it appropriately rated in its importance.

This series win was important, but it will not be one of the more impressive feats for the Rockies this season. They were exciting victories, but really we should expect the Rockies to win two of three when they play the Padres at home.

We don’t have to go out of our way to prop this up or tear it down. It is right where it belongs, especially given the fact that it is May 19th and there is a lot of season in front of them. These were key wins while at the same time they are nothing to get too excited about.

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The Rockies have a wicked six game stretch upcoming, starting with a home series against the San Francisco Giants. To enter that series coming off a disappointing loss to the Padres would have been a bummer and possibly a bad sign for those games. The fact is, the Rockies could easily go 2-4 in their next six games (three against the Giants and then three in Atlanta against the Braves). That might not even be such a terrible thing, but it sure made these wins this weekend feel significant.

It feels important to win games that you are supposed to win prior to such a stretch. The Rockies did that this past weekend against the Padres. It was an appropriately rated, important series win in the grand scheme of things for a team we hope is a real contender in 2014.