Weekend Links: Rockies News 5/17


Ahh yes. The Colorado Rockies are home. After tough road losses against the Cincinnati Reds and Kansas City Royals, the Rockies came home to Coors Field and earned a tough victory against the San Diego Padres on Friday night.

Everybody was feeling good again, especially the guys in the broadcast booth.

As for what else is happening with the Rockies and around the rest of baseball, let’s take a look.

From Richard Bergstrom: Events: Rockies Bloggers Panel, May 17th (Rockies Zingers)

"In conjunction with many other Rockies blogs, we at Rockies Zingers are excited to announce our participation in a “Rockies Bloggers Panel”.These events are free and open to everyone!It will be a roundtable, Q&A format so feel free to come, ask questions and otherwise chat about the Colorado Rockies!The list of panelists and attendees for May 17th from 3pm-4pm at El Charrito’s consists of…"

More from Colorado Rockies News

From RhodeIslandRoxfan: Either the numbers are lying or the game is rigged (Purple Row)

"The best thing about wRC+ is that it’s park and league adjusted, meaning we can take guys who play in different parks and different eras and put their wRC+ numbers next to each other and get a really good idea of how they stack up.It all works really well, until the Rockies come into the equation. Their numbers seem to reveal either a breakdown in wRC+, or worse yet, a breakdown of a competitive balance as it relates to one team within the sport.”"

From Kenny Bristow: Yasiel Puig proving to be better than expected (Call to the Pen)

"On Friday night, the 23-year old outfielder extended his hitting streak to 15 games with a 3-5 performance including his eighth home run and an RBI double. He also scored 2 runs. Oh, and did I mention the Dodgers won? Another dominating win over the Arizona Diamondbacks, this one 7-0.For all the attention that Puig has brought to his team, both positive and negative, don’t underestimate the victories when it comes to Puig. After all, if last year’s big blue turn around is just a coincidence with Puig’s arrival to the parent club, then it’s time to create a saber metric for infectious winning attitude.”"