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I wrote a recap of last Friday’s loss to the Padres, a tough outing for Drew Pomeranz.

I posted the lineups for Saturday’s game against the Padres.


I wrote a recap of Saturday’s win over the Padres, which featured extra-inning dramatics.

I posted the lineups for Sunday’s series finale with the Padres.

I wrote a recap of Sunday’s loss to the Padres, which was thanks to two runs that would not have scored without Christian Friedrich’s wild pitches.


I posted the lineups for Monday’s series opener with the Diamondbacks.


I wrote a recap of Monday’s loss to the Diamondbacks, Jonathan Sanchez’s tough debut in a Rockies uniform.

I posted the lineups for Tuesday’s game against the Diamondbacks.


I wrote a recap of Tuesday’s loss to the Diamondbacks, another start for which Edwar Cabrera was unprepared.


I wrote a recap of Wednesday’s win over the Diamondbacks, a strong outing for Jeff Francis.


Trevor wrote a trade deadline report, reflecting on rumors of which Rockies are on the chopping block and speculating that not many will ultimately be moved.

I posted the lineups for Friday’s series opener with the Reds, which saw Todd Helton return from the disabled list.