Vladimir Guerrero Jr. named the cover athlete for MLB The Show 2024, could we see a Rockies player named soon?

With Vladimir Guerrero being honored as the franchises cover athlete in 2024, could we see a Rockies player on the cover soon?
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game One
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game One / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

The MLB offseason is full of tons of rumors and predictions. There is constant drama and fans displaying their passion for their team. There is one thing that all baseball fans look forward to, and that is the reveal of the cover athlete of the popular franchise, MLB The Show. We wait in months of anticipation to see if our specific team or our favorite player will be on the cover of one of the most sought-after sports video games every year.

This year they honored Vladimir Guerrero Jr. as the cover athlete for 2024. This marks the second Blue Jay (Josh Donaldson was the cover athlete in 2016). During the "MLB The Show" era, the Rockies have not had a player named as the cover athlete (Larry Walker was the cover athlete for All-Star Baseball in 1999). I wanted to take a look at a few potential candidates, or guys that I would eventually like to see as the cover athlete.

The Logical Candidate - Nolan Jones

Nolan Jones is the most logical candidate for the Rockies. He will be just 26 years old for the 2024 season and is headed for superstar status. He put up one of the best rookie seasons in quite a while and showed that he is a legit all-around type of player. He has the potential to be a .300/.400/.550 type of player and has legit 30 home run and 30 stolen base potential.

Jones is a very marketable player as a young, likeable player on a team that has struggled to produce superstars over the years. Jones has the ability to be that next franchise icon like Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton and Larry Walker were. If he can continue on this path and lead the Rockies to a playoff push, Jones has the ability to be the first Rockies player honored as the cover athlete in the "MLB The Show" era.

The Collector's Edition - Todd Helton

This one might attract the most Rockies fans here. Last year MLB The Show honored Yankees legend, Derek Jeter as the cover of the 2023 collector's edition. They also honored one of the most well-known baseball players ever, Jackie Robinson, as the 2021 collector's edition cover athlete. I would love to see the Rockies get their first cover athlete in the "MLB The Show" era by getting the Rockies franchise icon on the 2024 or 2025 collector's edition.

If the Rockies were selected as the team for the collector's edition, there is without a doubt that Helton would be the option. They have other solid options like Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowitzki or Larry Walker, but Helton is the face of this franchise. He was also just added to the MLB Hall of Fame, the perfect timing to capitalize on his name for Helton and all Rockies fans.

The Long Shot option - Robert Calaz

This is very much a future pick here. I am super high on Robert Calaz and think that he has superstar potential, and he just turned 18. In his first season playing professional baseball, he hit .325 with seven home runs and six stolen bases in just 43 games. He is already physically mature at 6'2 and over 200 lbs. Calaz is already hitting the ball over 107 mph which is insane for an 18-year-old. Calaz has legit power-speed potential and if he can maintain his athleticism as he grows into his body, he could stick in centerfield, or become an above average corner outfielder.

Calaz has all the potential to be a superstar and if the Rockies are a legit contender in five years or so, we could be looking at someone that could be making their way into the conversations of faces of the MLB (guys like Julio Rodriguez and Ronald Acuna Jr.). I know those are lofty expectations for an 18-year-old, but that is the potential that I think Calaz has. If he does, he could very well make his way into the cover athlete conversation.

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