4 prospects the Rockies should not trade

With the Rockies in the midst of a full blown rebuild, they have 4 players who could become cornerstone type players for a long time.
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The Rockies are in the midst of a rebuild, and you don't expect rebuilding teams to trade prospects, usually they are trying to acquire them. There comes a time to be aggressive and move those prospects for some proven players. The Rockies are not at that stage yet, and are probably still at least a year or two away.

The Rockies are an interesting team and could look to become competitive and fight for one of the Wild Card spots sooner rather than later. If the Rockies decide to become aggressive within the next two years, these are four prospects that they should look to keep and build around.

These two bats will be cornerstones in the Rockies offense

Robert Calaz

The Rockies just signed Calaz in January this year to a $1.7 million deal. The 18-year old is listed at 6'2" and 202 pounds, already a physically mature kid. MLB Pipeline had him as the No. 24 international prospect this last year and gave him 55-grade power, stating, "The teen has the potential to have plus raw power and be a plus runner."

If there is one player in the Rockies prospect ranks that has the ability to be a superstar, Calaz might be the most likely name.

Calaz wasted no time making his impact felt in the Dominican Summer League, slashing .325/.423/.561 with seven home runs and six stolen bases in only 43 games. Maybe even more impressive were the exit velocities he posted, with some reports stating he hit the ball as hard as 114 mph. That is insane for an 18-year-old.

With Calaz's size, he profiles best as a corner outfielder, especially with Gold Glover Brenton Doyle patrolling centerfield for the foreseeable future. Calaz has the potential to be an impact bat for a long time in Colorado. With his performance, albeit in a small sample size, he is going to shoot up prospect rankings, and another solid season could move him into the top 100 prospects in all of baseball.