Could recent report set up Rockies for a big trade?

Never too early to talk trades
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The Rockies are one of the most loyal franchises in baseball a fault really. At seemingly every trade deadline there has been talks of a few players that could fetch a nice return for a team looking to either rebuild or retool. Yet, time and time again, the Rockies hold on to those players, only to see them walk at the end of the year, with absolutely zero to show for it. They have let guys like Trevor Story and Jon Gray Walk; these guys were very solid, even All-Star level players who would give you a solid group of players to continue to build around. Even last year with Brent Suter the Rockies fumbled it, letting him walk this offseason to the Reds.

With the history of poorly handled trades, the Rockies need to change. Hopefully the organization and GM Bill Schmidt are realizing the impact that their choices have had and will change that this year. A recent report could tie in perfectly to what this franchise needs to focus on: the next five or seven years of development and talent acquisition is paramount.

A recent report from Ken Rosenthal linked the Royals to the Marlins' second baseman, Luis Arraez before he was sent West to the Padres. The Royals have been a very surprising team this year, something that the Rockies should learn from in the coming years. They have, however, had a black hole at second base as their big offseason acquisition, Adam Frazier, is hitting just .169 with a 49 wRC+.

It makes sense that they have reached out to improve their second base position, especially considering that they sit 2.5 games back of the division lead in one of the worst divisions in baseball. An early move could provide the young and exciting Royals team a boost to their offense to propel them to the playoffs, something that the Rockies may be able to help out with.

This lines up well for the Rockies and their situation. The Rockies second baseman, Brendan Rodgers, has large been disappointing considering expectations placed around him after getting drafted third overall. His 2024 season got off to a rough start, but over the last month he has really come on and looks like he might be ready to break out. Since April 8th, Rodgers is slashing .290/.347/.420 which is good for a 105 wrC+. There hasn't been a ton of over the wall power, but over that time, his .420 slugging percentage is respectable, especially considering his elite defense.

Rodgers won't fetch near the package that Arraez did, but he would be a solid addition to a team like the Royals and the Rockies could get a few high upside arms that the Royals have at the top of their farm rankings. Four of the Royals top six prospects are pitchers, something that the Rockies should target.

The likelihood of this happening is slim, but the Rockies would be wise to explore this option as Rodgers doesn't seem like an option to be with this team long term, especially considering Adael Amador is knocking down the door and has a ton of upside.

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