After tough start, Bleacher Report surprises Rockies fans in latest 2024 power rankings

You will be surprised where the Rockies rank
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It's been a rough go of it for Rockies fans so far in 2024. We knew this team would be in the bottom of the league, but though their record reflects those struggles, this has been a team that should have a few more wins under its belt.

The pitching has been the worst in the league... by far! Their team ERA sits at 7.5 heading into game one of the three game series against the Diamondbacks. The next closest team is the Angels at 5.58. The pitching staff also ranks in the bottom five in strikeouts, a combination that is going to be hard to overcome no matter what.

The offense has been surprisingly good, even if they are being carried by Ryan McMahon. They sit right in the middle of pretty much every category, but they're top 10 in strikeouts and bottom 10 in walks. Again, that's a tough combination that has contributed to some inconsistencies.

Bleacher Report has come out with a few versions of their power rankings (their latest being after opening weekend, and we touched on them last time; the Rockies were ahead of the White Sox along with one of the worst organizations in sports, the Oakland... or is it Sacramento? ... or Las Vegas? ... I have no idea, Athletics. Either way the Rockies seemed like they were ahead of those two franchises, but after the first week of baseball, things didn't go well for the Rockies, yet they remain in the same spot in the latest version of Bleacher Reports Power Rankings.

"The Rockies pitching staff has served up a 7.50 ERA and 1.86 WHIP while allowing a .312 opponents' batting average through 10 games, and getting quality innings out of their staff could be a struggle all season. Ryan McMahon (1.063 OPS, 2 2B, 2 HR, 7 RBI) has been an early bright spot offensively."

JOEL REUTER via Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report pretty much states what all Rockies fans know; the offense has been carried by McMahon and has struggled, while the pitching staff has been absolutely terrible. Luckily for the Rockies, in regard to the power rankings, the White Sox (who came in dead last) as a team are hitting just .196 with an MLB worst, 16 runs scored over nine games. The Marlins (who came in at 29) didn't win their first game until Sunday and have looked completely outmanned, and arguably the second worst pitching group in baseball.

The Rockies are going to continue to remain in the bottom of these power rankings throughout the year, however, the two teams in front of them are the Nationals and Athletics and those two teams will likely remain in the bottom with the Rockies. If the Rockies have a solid series against the Diamondbacks, after getting demolished last time out, we could see the Rockies jump both of those two teams in the next power rankings from Bleacher Report.

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