Rockies surprisingly climb the most recent Bleacher Report power rankings

The Rockies might not be the worst team in baseball
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

We know the Rockies are going to be a bad team this year, there is no way around it. They don't have the offensive firepower to take advantage of bad pitching and carry the awful Rockies pitching staff. They haven't done a great job developing talent over the last few years, even if a few prospects have 'popped' and are becoming like All-Star level players, or potentially even superstars.

At the beginning of the year, Bleacher Report came out with their power rankings and unsurprisingly, they had the Rockies as the second worst team in all of baseball, only ahead of the dumpster of an organization, that is the Oakland Athletics. This is totally fair as the Rockies were by far one of the worst teams in baseball in 2023 and did absolutely nothing to improve this roster.

After opening weekend, which saw the Rockies get outscored 32-14 the Rockies seemed destined to replicate the 2023 struggles. Things actually got worse after dropping the first two against the Cubs (the series finale is currently delayed as I write this), getting outscored 17-2 in the process. The Rockies have the worse run differential in all of baseball at -33, which I don't think surprises many fans.

What may surprise fans, however, is that after the first five games of the season, Bleacher Report has the Rockies actually climbing a spot, staying ahead of the A's, while leapfrogging the Chicago White Sox.

The Rockies check in at No. 28 on Bleacher Reports most recent MLB Power Rankings

I'm really surprised by this for a couple of reasons. First off, The Rockies are the third worst team, but have looked completely uncompetitive, and have the worst run differential by far! The second surprising piece of this is that the White Sox came in last place. If it wasn't the Rockies, I was certain it was going to be the A's. The White Sox run differential of -11 is bad but doing it against a couple of solid teams in the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Guardians doesn't seem that bad.

The A's have looked like one of the worst teams in recent memories, and when you factor in their 13 errors (which leads the MLB by 6), they look like they have no desire to play for that ownership group (and I can't blame them one bit).

No matter how you shake it, these three teams will be in a battle for the title of "Worst team in baseball". The Rockies could very well be the favorites to win that title this year and further frustrate fans with the lack of product the ownership group has put out there. But hey, at least Bleacher Report thinks the White Sox and Athletics have looked worse so far, because I don't think anyone has looked as bad as this Rockies club has.

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