3 Rockies players we're thankful to have after the deadline

Following a brutal trade deadline where the Rockies sent away five veteran players, here is a list of players we're thankful to have as we move forward for the Rockies future.

Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies
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2. Elias Diaz

Elias Diaz
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Quickly becoming a fan favorite after becoming the first Rockies player to win the All-Star Game MVP this year in his first All-Star Game, the Elias Diaz sensation is quickly taking over in Colorado.

Whether it's his infectious style of play or his infectious personality, how could you not love Elias Diaz. One iconic moment that I would take in from this year's season was when Diaz was out on the field before a game started this past June and he was making snow angels after a hail storm just passed by the Denver area.

At the MLB All-Star Game this past July, Diaz found himself in the ultimate underdog situation after being listed as an All-Star reserve, he had a once a lifetime opportunity where he entered the game in the top of the eighth inning and was in a 2-2 count Félix Bautista of the Baltimore Orioles, he managed to hit a moonshot home run to left field and lead the National League to their first All-Star Game victory since 2012.