3 Rockies players we'll be glad are gone in 2024 and 2 we wish stayed

With a lot of roster turnover this offseason, we say goodbye to a few players, though a couple of those goodbyes were more difficult.
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Rockies player fans are thrilled to see gone: C.J. Cron

I'll admit, C.J. Cron was a pretty fun player to watch for a team that really lacked excitement over the last couple years. He took advantage of the thin Colorado air and hit some absolutely majestic home runs in the nicest ballpark in baseball. He is tied with Giancarlo Stanton for the further ball hit at Coors Field, and it was absolutely smashed!

Cron seemed like a great guy and filled in well for the Rockies at first base, hitting nearly 30 home runs in back-to-back seasons with the Rockies. Surprisingly, the Rockies actually traded the first baseman at the deadline; he was on an expiring contract, and we know how the Rockies have seemed to botch that situation in the past.

Cron's production would be welcome in the Rockies lineup as it is pretty bereft of thump in the middle of the lineup. The 34-year-old doesn't really match up with where the Rockies are at, timeline wise. His absence could give guys like Michael Toglia, Elehuris Montero or even Hunter Goodman more playing time as potential options at first base.

Perhaps the biggest reason why fans should be excited to see him gone, is that it will allow the $26 million dollar man, Kris Bryant, a better chance to stay healthy and spend a majority of his time at first base. Keeping Bryant at first base, and healthy enough to play 120+ games, should be more than enough to make Rockies fans happy and see Bryant more than replace Cron's production.

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