3 players the Rockies are already regretting not acquiring this offseason

The Rox could be a lot closer to competing in 2024, despite playing in a juggernaut division, but they needed some extra help for very little cost that the front office didn't provide.
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I am of the opinion that the Rockies could be a lot closer to being a competitive team in 2024 than most people think despite playing in an absolute monster of a division. This team features an offense that is more than capable of winning 75 plus games. However, there are a few obvious weaknesses that will most likely stop this group from being one of the teams to look out for in the dangerous NL West.

There is certainly belief amongst the fanbase that a few extra low risk, low-cost offseason additions could have brought this team much closer to competing than they likely will be with the current roster, I am one of those people. Worst case scenario, if you sign a free agent to a one- or two-year deal, they perform well but the team is out of contention; then you have means to acquire prospects or picks at the trade deadline. That's an easy and cheap way to bolster your 22nd ranked farm system (according to ESPN).

The fact the Rockies don't believe in this philosophy is very troubling and telling of just how poorly run the organization is. That being said, let's take a look at some players that should have been donning the purple and black (for at least the first half) of 2024.