4 Players the Rockies will wish they had signed this offseason

A look at a few players the Rox could regret not inking to deals for the 2024 season
Minnesota Twins v Texas Rangers
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It is no secret that the Rockies are likely a few years away from contention, however, they had (and still have) an opportunity to give the roster a little more "zazz" going into the 2024 season. Whether or not their plan is to compete this year, it never hurts ticket sales and fan/team morale to add some fresh faces to a club that is struggling to find a successful identity. Featured here are players who could have helped the Rockies bridge the gap to the future by either their performance on the field, the presence they could bring to the clubhouse, or from the potential return at the trade deadline to bolster the farm system. Here are a few players the Rockies may regret not signing this offseason.

Their left-handed outfielder could have been Joey Gallo

Joey Gallo
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If the previous slide did not already spoil it, the first name that comes to mind when thinking of players that would look great in purple, the first answer is (and always has been) Joey Gallo. Entering his ninth year in the big leagues, Gallo, in his MLB tenure, has primarily been known for one thing: hitting baseballs unspeakably far. Underrated, however, is the fact that Gallo also plays surprisingly strong defense in the outfield, and at first base. He could easily fit into the Rockies outfield rotation and mix in at first base to ease the pressure on Michael Toglia or Hunter Goodman, depending on who wins the first base job in Spring Training.

Though Gallo has generational power which would have played tremendously at the elevation of Coors Field, his strikeout numbers are a lot less attractive, last year with Minnesota, Gallo struck out 142 times in only 282 at bats, making him a true "boom or bust" player, which, for a team stuck in the middle as the Rockies are, could have been a risk worth taking, especially with the Rockies need to add a left handed outfielder. However, we will all be once again left to speculate what could have been if Joey Gallo brought his outrageous power to the Mile High City, as Gallo signed a one year, $5 million contract with the Washington Nationals earlier this offseason.