Reacting to Bleacher Reports recent Rockies wish list ahead of Spring Training

With Spring Training right around the corner, Bleacher Report takes a look at what should be on the wish list before the beginning of the 2024 season
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Bleacher Report just came out with an article as we move closer to spring training, "A wish-list for every MLB Team to improve before 2024 Spring Training". I don't think it will surprise anyone at what those positions are, but I wanted to touch on the order of them, as well as some of the names that Rockies fans could expect to be included in those conversations.

No. 1 on the Wish List is adding a Left-handed-hitting outfielder

This is a topic we have covered before, "3 left-handed outfielders the Rockies should target". The Rockies have a number of interesting young outfielders and a few of those emerged last year to show their potential. We saw Nolan Jones put up a 3.7 fWAR season, along with a 20-20 season and a 135 wRC+. We also saw Brenton Doyle put together one of the best defensive seasons in recent memory, earning a Gold Glove in centerfield.

A left-handed option for Bud Black could be a very valuable asset. They have quite a bit of right-handed options with Hunter Goodman, Kris Bryant, and Sean Bouchard. The idea of a high upside left-handed outfielder like Winker, Gallo, or Austin Meadows could make a lot of sense.

I think adding a left-handed outfielder should be a priority for the Rockies. It is a long season and adding some more depth to roam around the largest outfield in baseball is always a good thing. However, given their decent depth in the outfield, the next position should be priority number one.