3 left-handed outfielders the Rockies should target

With reports that the Rockies are looking for a left-handed bat to add to their outfield mix, we look at 3 players and their fit on the Rockies team.
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With the Rockies in a rebuild, possessing a plethora of outfield talent, you wouldn't think that it would be wise for them to target short term rental bats. With Nolan Jones, Brenton Doyle, Sean Bouchard, Hunter Goodman paired with vets Kris Bryant (who should play first base a majority of the time) and Charlie Blackmon returning for what should be his final year (the primary DH), it seems like they might benefit from giving some of their younger players an extended look.

With only those four outfielders and no other top prospects looking close to the major league level, it could benefit the Rockies to look for a short-term bat, to help bridge that gap from the start of the season to at least the trade deadline (where the Rockies could look at flipping the rental for prospects). The Rockies would essentially be investing a financially right now, in hopes that they can acquire a solid prospect that can make this team better long term (they did this with Brad Hand last year).

The Rockies have a number of decent, right-handed hitting outfielders, and a report from Thomas Harding of MLB.com states that the Rockies will look to add an outfielder, preferably one that can rotate between all three spots while hitting from the left side of the plate; that is a pretty limited list of players. They could explore a veteran option like Travis Jankowski, who is coming off a solid season with the defending World Series Champion, Texas Rangers. I opted to forego the whole centerfield option with most of my options, as Brenton Doyle is a Gold Glove level defender, and needs to be given 150+ games in hopes he can become a solid hitter. I opted for higher upside corner outfielders here.