Colorado Rockies: Where is Trevor Story most likely to be traded?

There’s a chance that Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story will be traded this offseason and there are betting odds on where Story is likely to land.

This offseason, we don’t know what the Colorado Rockies plan on doing this offseason since they have neglected to tell fans what their outlook on the offseason will be. However, the Rockies are likely to at least entertain trade offers for third baseman Nolan Arenado and shortstop Trevor Story.

Arenado has an opt-out clause after the 2021 season so, with the pandemic, the chance that Arenado is traded is probably less than it was last offseason (and the chance of him opting out is less too). Since the Rockies likely can’t afford to pay the two of them $65+ million for nearly a decade, that likely raises the odds that Trevor Story is traded this offseason.

Sports bettors have recognized this too as over at, they have Story among two other players (Francisco Lindor and Kris Bryant being the other two) with betting odds on the teams that they are likely to be traded to. For Story, here are the betting odds on the six teams mentioned.

  • Los Angeles Angels: +250
  • Cincinnati Reds: +300
  • Philadelphia Phillies: +300
  • New York Yankees: +350
  • Boston Red Sox: +500
  • Chicago White Sox: +600

All of these teams have an opening at shortstop and/or they were playoff contenders in 2020 besides the Red Sox. Them being on this list is most surprising considering that they a) weren’t in playoff contention in 2020 and b) they have a shortstop locked up long-term in Xander Bogaerts, as he has a six-year contract (with a vesting option for a seventh year) that just started in 2020.

As the Hot Stove season starts to warm up, especially with the Winter Meetings (even though they are virtual this year), we will certainly be hearing more hypothetical trade proposals and rumors for both Arenado and Story but if any of them come to fruition, the trade and what the Rockies get for them in return will determine the fate of the franchise for years to come.