Colorado Rockies: The final team offensive stats from 2020


The Colorado Rockies didn’t have a good offensive season and it was one of their two biggest downfalls.

The Colorado Rockies did not have a good season on offense and you probably know this already if you watched the Rockies in the last seven weeks of the season.

Overall, since that was about 75 percent of the 2020 season, the Rockies’ overall offensive stats for the season are not good.

In their 60 games, the Rockies hit .257/.311/.405. Those were tied for 8th, 25th, 17th in baseball overall. The Rockies also had an OPS+ of 80 and a wRC+ of 76, both of which were 28th in baseball and second-worst in the National League only to the Pittsburgh Pirates, who had the worst record in all of baseball.

For OPS+ and wRC+, those 80 and 76 ratings were the worst in franchise history. According to Baseball-Reference, heir batting average was second-worst in franchise history (.257 in 2020 and 2018 was .256), the OBP was the worst in franchise history, and the slugging percentage was also the worst in franchise history.

They averaged 4.58 runs per game, which was 5th-worst in franchise history. However, second through fourth were within four one-hundredths of a run from 2020 (4.54 runs in 2011 were second-worst and 2013’s 4.36 runs per game were worst).

As you dive further into the advanced numbers and percentages, the Rockies offense ends up looking even worse.

According to FanGraphs, the Rockies walk rate was only 7.1 percent, which was tied for last in baseball along with the Detroit Tigers. That was partially due to their chase rate (O-swing%) was 33 percent, was 5th-worst in baseball. Yet, their contact rate on pitches outside of the zone was about league average (14th).

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Their swing rate on pitches in the strike zone (Z-swing%) was 69.4 percent, which was 6th highest, so in general, the Rockies seemed to be too aggressive at the plate.

The Rockies were dead last in hard hit percentage (pitches with an exit velocity of 95 miles per hour or higher) at 31.6 percent. The next lowest team was the Marlins at 33 percent. Of the top 15 of teams in that category, 11 made the playoffs and one more nearly made it (the Giants).

The Rockies barrel rate (which is comparable hit balls (in terms of exit velocity and launch angle) that have led to a minimum .500 batting average, a 1.500 slugging percentage, and a minimum exit velocity of 98 miles per hour) was only 5.7 percent. That number was second-worst in baseball as only the D’Backs were worse. The Braves and Dodgers were at the top of that category at 10.3 percent.

As you might expect, in the Rockies final seven weeks of the season (after they started the season 11-3, they went 15-31 to end the season), the Rockies offensive numbers and rankings were even worse.

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The Rockies will likely have to get some bounce-back seasons from their current offensive players as well as some help outside of the organization to address their offensive woes, many of which have been a problem for a few seasons.