Colorado Rockies: ESPN insider connects Nolan Arenado as a part of dream trade to the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees already have plenty of former Colorado Rockies players but an ESPN insider wants to send another Rockie to the Yankees.

The Colorado Rockies have had a rough stretch in the last two weeks but they have won three in a row as they look to sweep the Arizona Diamondbacks at 4:10 p.m. (Mountain) on Thursday.

As a result, they are in third place in the NL West, one game ahead of the San Francisco Giants. The Rockies would make the playoffs, though, which makes the possibility that Nolan Arenado would be traded to the New York Yankees in the next week next to nothing (as they say, “never say never” but it’s extremely unlikely to happen).

In a roundtable for ESPN+, insiders were asked what one trade they would make before the trade deadline and ESPN Chicago’s Jesse Rogers said that he would trade Nolan Arenado to the Yankees.

“Let’s put Nolan Arenado on the Yankees and make their offense injury-proof,” said Rogers. “The Rockies are fading, which means Arenado is not happy. He wasn’t before the season. Nothing this team has done is going to change that. But a move to N.Y.? Arenado would drive himself there. Don’t ask me what New York has to give up in return to get him, but the Yankees have pulled a few good ones over the years. With Arenado, the Yankees would be set for this season and many, many to come.”

The Yankees offense has suffered numerous injuries, including ones to Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, former Rockie DJ LeMahieu, Gleyber Torres, and others. Stanton and Judge always seem to be injured but Arenado would not be helping in the outfield.

He would give them great defense at third base (as Rockies fans already know) and good, middle-of-the-order bat.

The Yankees and Rockies likely wouldn’t agree on a trade because of the oft-mentioned opt-out clause that Arenado has. The Yankees would likely say that since they would only have Arenado for the rest of this year and next year, they wouldn’t want to give up a lot of prospects. But the Rockies would want a lot of prospects because they could be losing six seasons of Arenado (plus the rest of 2020).

Also, it should be noted that only players on each team’s 60-man roster pool can be traded. Teams can go around that by naming players to be named later in a trade.

Perhaps the two teams will visit a trade in the offseason but right now, it’s not a move that would benefit the Rockies at this juncture.