Colorado Rockies draft high school catcher Drew Romo for 35th overall pick in 2020 Draft

The Colorado Rockies selected high school catcher Drew Romo for 35th overall pick in 2020 Draft.

In the Competitive Balance part of the first round of the 2020 MLB Draft, the Colorado Rockies drafted catcher Drew Romo out of The Woodlands High School in The Woodlands, Texas.

Romo is committed to playing at LSU collegiately and he has been a starter on USA’s National Team for each of the last two seasons.’s Jim Callis and MLB Network’s (and former Rockies general manager) Dan O’Dowd said that Romo is one of only a few “sure-fire” MLB players in the draft this year. That is due in large part to his defensive abilities as Perfect Game ranked Romo the best defensive prospect overall, regardless of age or position.

MLB Network compared Romo to Yasmani Grandal as both Grandal and Romo are switch hitters. Romo is listed at six feet, one inch tall and 205 pounds. The 18-year-old was ranked by as the 35th best prospect in the draft.

On a scouting scale of 20-80, Dan O’Dowd ranked his hitting a 50, his power a 55, running ability a 40, and his fielding a 60. Jim Callis is not as high on Romo as O’Dowd is but he said that Romo is known as a “great leader” and he has a “high baseball IQ,” and he has the potential to become an All-Star.

He isn’t as high on Romo, though, because he is not as certain about his bat developing in the major leagues.

Romo is also the highest-drafted catcher in Rockies history as Tom Murphy previously held that title when he was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2012 Draft.

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On Thursday, we should be able to hear from Romo himself on the draft so make sure to check out the site tomorrow as we will have plenty of coverage on the Rockies two first-round draft picks as well as their draft picks in the remaining rounds tomorrow.