Colorado Rockies: Governor Jared Polis, other governors on the return of baseball in 2020

Numerous governors discussed their thoughts on the return of baseball in 2020.

Numerous governors of some of the largest of the states in the United States discussed the return of baseball in their states during their COVID-19 briefings on Monday and they were all very optimistic for the return of baseball in the near future.

Per The Athletic (subscription required), Colorado governor Jared Polis gave the green-light for Colorado Rockies games in the state as well as other sporting events without fans. He spoke with Commissioner Rob Manfred on Monday about the return of baseball too.

“We’re certainly ready as soon as the leagues are ready,” Polis said. “I talked to the baseball commissioner (Rob Manfred) today. I think their protocols look really good and we’re certainly excited to get them going as soon as they’re ready to go.”

Earlier in the day, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he is going to “encourage major sports teams to plan reopening with no fans” because New York is “a ready, willing and able partner.”

That is big news for both the New York Yankees and New York Mets but also, the MLB offices since the Commissioner’s office and replay center is in New York.

Later on in the day, Texas Governor Greg Abbott gave his blessing for pro sports, including baseball, to return without fans on May 31 and California Governor Gavin Newsom said that professional sports could return to the state as early as the first week of June.

With those four governors states, one-third of MLB teams reside in those states. With those governors saying that they are fine with baseball returning (particularly with no fans), they have put the ball in the hands of the MLBPA and the MLB owners.

In other words, unless the MLBPA and MLB owners get into a war on financials, we should baseball in the near future and while it may not have fans in attendance, it should be in the team’s home stadiums and there will live sports for people to watch and listen.