Colorado Rockies: MLB expected to send return-to-play proposal to MLBPA within a week

On Wednesday evening, multiple reports confirmed that MLB is likely to send their proposal to the MLBPA within the next week meaning that Colorado Rockies baseball may soon return.

According to multiple reports, including Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic and Jeff Passan of ESPN, MLB is likely to send their proposal on the return of baseball to the MLBPA within the next week. As a part of the proposal, we could see the return of Colorado Rockies baseball as soon as June.

However, MLB’s proposal would have to be agreed upon by the owners and players and, likely, federal health officials and officials from the White House will be consulted on the return as well.

Nothing is concrete in the public sphere for the proposal, at least yet, but there a lot of interesting aspects of the possible proposal that would include some big changes for baseball in 2020.

Per Passan, “Spring” Training would resume in late June and the regular season would start in early July. Passan reports that multiple executives have suggested that teams could have as many as 50 players on an active roster.

In that scenario, for each game, 30 players would be selected to be eligible for each game. This, obviously, would be contingent on whether or not games at the minor league level will be played at all.

The season would likely be somewhere between 80 and 100 games.

Most of this was actually first reported by former MLB infielder Trevor Plouffe on Twitter on Monday but confirmed by Rosenthal and Passan on Wednesday. Plouffe reports that “Spring” Training would actually start on June 10 and Opening Day would be on July 1 at each team’s home stadium. On Wednesday, Plouffe reported that he had texts from players in six different organizations that MLB is telling them to be ready by those dates.

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With the “flattening of the curve” already past or currently happening in most states and with talks of the return of baseball, hopefully, we can return to some form of normal as far as baseball is concerned.

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