Colorado Rockies: The 2018 season vs the 2017 season by the numbers

DENVER, CO - APRIL 22: The Colorado Rockies play the Chicago Cubs at Coors Field on April 22, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
DENVER, CO - APRIL 22: The Colorado Rockies play the Chicago Cubs at Coors Field on April 22, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

The Colorado Rockies are past the quarter mark of the season. 41 games played, 121 games to go.  So its time for one of my favorite exercises as we take a look at where the Rockies record stacks up compared to the previous season.

W/L              26-15         22-19
Games Back               +2         3.5
Home              13-10         7-11
Away              13-5        15-8
Vs NL West                18-10         7-6
1 Run Games               9-0         7-4
RS/RA              199/184        165/185

Side by side there are a lot of things that stick out.

Obviously, the runs scored/runs against differential is a big reason for why the Rockies have won 4 less games than last year through 41 games.  The offensive struggles are well documented and the Rockies are scoring a half a run less a game than last year.

Surprisingly, for as good as the pitching has been with all of the quality starts, the runs against is practically on par with the previous year.  The Rockies are very lucky to have won as many games as they have had.  According to, the Rockies expected record with the their run differential is 18-23.

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The schedule disparity compared to last season is staggering.  Rockies have played 15 less games against the NL West to start the season.  This may come back to hurt the Rockies with the all teams up and down the division riddled with injuries to high profile players.

I’m guessing the Rockies would love to have seen a Dodgers or Giants series without having to face Clayton Kershaw or Johnny Cueto.  This will soon change as the Rockies next 18 of 24 games are against teams in the NL West.

The early schedule has been tilted towards the road as 23 of the first 41 games have been on the road.  Rockies have been praised as road warriors as they are 7 games over .500 to start the year.  Last year, the Rockies started off hot on the road too but ended the season at 41-40.  Past road history suggests that the Rockies will likely struggle, so the amount of games and early success bodes well the remainder of the year.

On the flip side, the Rockies’ struggles at home is mind boggling.  They got off to a fairly slow start last year but it was nowhere as bad as this season. The Rockies will have 62 home games remaining to somehow get to the magic number of 50 home wins to have a fighting chance at making the playoffs.

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The “it’s still early” excuse is offically over.  The Rockies have played 25 percent of the 2018 season and its time for the Rockies’ veterans to step up and make an impact.  When we update these numbers at the 81 game point of the season, there better be a drastic improvement, especially in the Run Scored category, otherwise the playoff hopes will be in serious jeopardy.